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Please note this page is now defunct, and the PowerOrion project is now hosted on Github, as part of the Official Orion SDK samples



What is it?

PowerOrion is a PowerShell Module, based on the Orion SDK ( ). Essentially it is an attempt to take some of the sample scripts included in the SDK, and to convert those to PowerShell Cmdlets.

Why A Module?

Converting this code into a module has several benefits:
  • By creating Cmdlets, actions can be performed much faster. For example, to add nodes, rather than editing a script and calling that, you can now just call something like
$swis = Connect-Swis -UserName admin -Password "" -Hostname
New-OrionNode -SwisConnection $swis -IPAddress 
  • It’s more intuitive, and fits conventional PowerShell Verb-Noun naming conventions.
  • By building in error handling, and through the use of defaults and parameter sets, there is less chance for user error. For example, when building statements in either the console or the ISE it can prompt on possible options for parameters.

What functionality is available at present?

At the moment it’s very much version in the alpha phase, with a list of implemented functions below. While the purpose of the module is to simplify automation using the Orion SDK, some functions can definitely be of use outside such uses as well (such as Get-IPAddressFromHostName , which does a DNS lookup)
  • Add-OrionDiscoveredInterfaces
  • Convert-IP2OrionGuid
  • Get-HostNamefromIPAddress
  • Get-IPAddressFromHostName
  • Get-OrionNode
  • Get-OrionNodeID
  • Get-OrionWMICredential
  • Get-TimeStamp
  • New-OrionInterface
  • New-OrionNode
  • New-OrionPollerType
  • Remove-OrionNode
  • Test-IsValidIP

Other functionality planned include support for
  • WMI Nodes (this was added in Version 0.0.4)
  • Applications
  • Rework of certain modules for better performance and scalability
  • SNMPv3

A full list of changes can be found in changelog

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