Version 0.0.4

26 March 2014
*Add WMI functionality to New-OrionNode
*Added Get-OrionWMICredential
*Added module unload cleanup code, to prevent random PSSnapin errors after reload
*Fixed issue with Module Manifest not loading correctly
*Added Install-PowerOrion.ps1 script
*Added Module Installation Help to codeplex

Version 0.0.3

15 March 2014
  • Renamed Get-OrionNodeProperties to Get-OrionNode. This function now returns an object containing all node properties
  • Added Test-IsValidIP, Get-IPAddressFromHostName and Get-TimeStamp helper functions
  • Added -WhatIf to Add-OrionNode and Remove-OrionNode functions
  • Add-OrionDiscoveredInterfaces function, to add interfaces that have been discovered on Orion Nodes
  • General re-working of functions to standardise on parameter names, and improved error handling

Version 0.0.2

8 March 2014
  • Updated to use Module Manifest

Version 0.0.1

8 March 2014
  • First commit, including Add-NewOrionNode, Remove-OrionNode and Get-OrionNodeProperties

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